Variations of Bingo

For the uninitiated, you may think bingo is just one simple, straightforward game with the same set of rules whether you’re playing in Manchester or Milwaukie.

But in actual fact, the humble game of bingo has a several different variants, each offering something new and unique.

The two most popular bingo games are the British version, 90-ball bingo, and the American version, 75-ball bingo.

Here is some more information about them both. You can play both bingo games at Costa Bingo, so you can spice up your bingo playing in just one place.

90-ball bingo

This is the style of bingo that has been played in bingo halls up and down the UK since the 1960s.

Thanks to the Internet, this form of bingo is now enjoyed outside the four-walls of British bingo halls and can be played all over the world. 

As the name suggests, there are 90 balls to play with. However, on your card there are only 15 numbers; three rows with five numbers arranged in numerical order.

The aim of the game is to mark off every number on your card. However, you can win a prize for being the first to correctly mark off one complete line.

You can also get a prize for two lines, but the big prize is reserved for a full house, i.e. all three rows completed.

Because there’s more than one chance to win, this variant is highly popular. You can play bingo games at Costa Bingo using this 90-ball game play that don’t cost anything to enter but offer up to £10,000 in prize money.

75-ball bingo

Yep, you guessed it; this version is played with 75 balls. The bingo card is also different. You use a 5x5 card instead that has just one space free, the centre square. Rather than marking off lines you have to complete patterns using the numbers.

Common patterns are stars, hearts and diamonds. Although you can only win one prize, this game is popular because it’s faster and often more challenging.

You can play bingo games at Costa Bingo using the 75-ball format that are free to enter too.