Three Factors That Could Affect Your Casino Bankroll

The casino business is big business, because it’s at the forefront of the entertainment business.

Now that’s a lot of business.

People like to have fun. They like to laugh. To stretch the corners of that pretty little mouth Joker style.

To have fun in the casino business you need fuel, and without it you come to a standstill. In the casino industry money is fuel, and here are three sure fire ways to run out of gas if you don’t manage it right.


1# Stop Loss

A stop-loss is a system you employ to make sure that your bankroll is never hit with a tsunami like wave of anger, frustration and tilt issues.

If you’re playing with Unibet or any other online operator, you should always identify a portion of your bankroll you are prepared to lose in a single session and this becomes your stop loss. If you hit this number you swallow your pride and get out of dodge.

2# Playing Too High

You should always pay attention to the bankroll to table limit ratio. Never play in games that are too high for your bankroll. Imagine you have a bankroll of $5,000 and a rule to never play with more than 10% of your roll in any session. This gives you $500 grace, so don’t sit down and play on a $100 per bet game of Blackjack.

3# No System

All serious casino players should have a system. Not a scam system that promises you a get rich quick scheme, but a system that manages your money accordingly. Otherwise you are at the whim of your emotions, and that’s not a good idea with balls, cards and dice flying around your brain like little pink elephants in Dumbo’s drunken stupor.