The 10 Best Free Games of 2012

With the quality and development of online games rising at an increasingly rapid pace, 2012 is the year to enjoy the latest in the very best Internet experiences.

Statistics from the Gambling Commission show that over 20,000 online gaming sites are now in operation, including more online bingo sites than ever before.

It’s not all about chancing your arm though, with many games, the pleasure of playing is available for free.

From perfect, enjoyable time-wasters to long-term emotional investments that test both skill and nerve, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 10 of the best.

  1. Luvinia


    A 3D multiplayer online role-playing adventure, Luvinia boasts impressive anime style graphics. Placed in the midst of a chaotic world war, which alliance will you join as you traverse the many environments?

  3. Second Life


    An online social entertainment website, players take their place in a virtually limitless world and can create their own property, engage in individual or group pursuits with other players or even go on to buy their own island.

  5. Drakensang


    Similar to the phenomenally successful Diablo, Drakensang also possesses more than enough unique elements to make playing it a pleasure in its own right. Essentially, it is a hack and slash game, with the hacking and slashing focused on the deadly dragons that litter the landscape, attempting to thwart your dungeon raids.  

    Fast paced and challenging, Drakensang requires no download and can be played straight through your browser meaning you can set off on your adventure immediately.

  7. Wizard 101


    The world of magic always features on these kinds of lists and Wizard 101 is fully deserving of its place here. Take on the role of a wizardry student and you are immediately hit with the realisation that one of your professors is not who he seems to be.

    The plot thickens as you attempt to discover and stop his evil plans. Other missions are available, though unfortunately you can’t call on Ron or Hermione to help.

  9. Roblox


    A virtual playground for those who wish to create their own world; from spaceships to luxurious, expansive houses almost nothing is off limits. Once the structures are complete, it’s time to create a family. One of the best building simulation games around.

  11. IMVU


    A social entertainment game where players use their 3D avatars to live out their life, IMVU allows you to meet new people, go shopping for clothes and cars, customise your own space, attend parties, go to bars and chat online.

  13. Jade Dynasty


    Based, in the main, on ancient Chinese mythology, Jade Dynasty boasts all the hallmarks of a classic online experience. From treacherous monsters to stunning landscapes, it’s all here. The unique auto walk feature brings new life to longer quests. A challenging game, Jade Dynasty will soon have you hooked.

  15. Fiesta


    In terms of style and graphics, Fiesta is similar to Luvinia. An upbeat and vibrant game, players can undertake a challenging quest or participate in a gamer vs gamer battle. Fiesta’s chief strengths are its skill progression system and the fact that it is easy to both learn and navigate.

  17. Virtual Families


    Extremely similar to the Sims franchise, Virtual Families boasts a host of attractions. With real time weather and day/night cycles, it’s about as realistic as it gets. If you play during the day, then it is daytime in the game. The same is true if it’s raining or the sun is shining. You have complete control over the residents and can scold or praise at your leisure.

  19. Dragon Soul


    Though it still has the usual solo quest system, the main beauty and appeal of Dragon Soul lies in its epic scale player versus player battles.

    If you’re out of luck on online bingo, take a break with one of these superb Internet adventures.