Mobile Casinos Rising in Popularity

Not too long ago, people had to physically go to a betting shop or casino to place a wager.  The introduction and rise in prominence of online casinos completely changed the industry. 

Players could now place wagers from their own home, whether on blackjack, roulette, bingo or any other gambling game.  Some years later, the rise of mobile casinos upped the convenience factor even more. 

The development in wireless internet speeds and smartphone technology has allowed the casino experience to be moved to the comfort of your handheld device!  Smartphones are now powerful enough to host some really powerful mobile casino games, allowing players to enjoy a seamless casino experience, regardless of where they are!


The rise in mobile casinos is further driven by the fact that more and more of the population have mobile devices.  As the price for a basic phone decreases, more people have access to mobile casinos and people are increasingly making the transition from traditional desktop computer betting to modern Smartphone betting. 

As this demand for mobile casinos continues to increase, we have seen loads of new mobile casinos hitting the emerging space.  Nearly all of the existing online casinos have launched mobile compatible versions due to the increasing demand from their players.  As well as all of the major online casino brands launching mobile platforms, there have also been a number of newer mobile only casinos hitting the app market, such as Mad About Slots. 

Although relatively unknown within the industry, these apps have been doing very well and as more people enter the mobile casino market, this can only go from strength to strength.  Keep your eye out for this slot, you’ll find it at  If you like to play slots, bingo and casino games, this is the place to be.