How to Pick an Online Bingo Site

Us ladies say we love choice, but when faced with a plethora of options we find it tricky to actually make a firm decision. We um and we ah; we dilly-dally and we dither.

We often feel pressured into making a snap decision, which is based upon some kind of inner impulse and that often turns out to be wrong. So how do we go about picking an online bingo site?

There are dozens of them, each offering something exciting and unique; each site has its own introductory offers, special bonuses and they look attractive to boot.

However, although we can’t make the decision for you, we can at least help you from making the wrong one. Here is some advice on how to pick a great online bingo site.

Money for nothing

Although we aren’t too bothered with the ‘chicks for free part’ we are rather fond of the Dire Strait’s lyrics: money for nothing. Is it really possible to get something for free? It is at Costa Bingo.

You can play bingo no deposit and win up to £10,000 every Friday night. Not only is this an attractive offer in itself, it also provides a great opportunity to get to know the site and the game of bingo better – if you don’t already.

What’s the risk? Bingo no deposit at Costa Bingo poses no risk to you; you won’t loose a single penny, but you could win £10,000.

Regular payouts

If a site is really proud about how much it is paying out – and it should be if it’s doing a good job – it will let all of its site’s visitors know.


The Internet has made the world smaller in many ways. We now have access to things from all over the world that a few decades ago we had only dreamed of.

This movement of information means there is a whole variety of bingo games to choose from and you know the old saying, ‘variety’s the very spice of life’, so get involved and play both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo.