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Free Bets Spark Interest in International Markets

With the continued popularity of iGaming, it is unsurprising that many gamers are showing interest across the whole gaming spectrum. Many sports fans  have a favourite discipline which they follow religiously, but when it comes to betting this broad knowledge will undoubtedly lead to cleverly chosen selections. However, with the global betting market increasingly available instantly to punters through broadband connections, more punters are tuning in to the free betting bonuses offered on markets outside of the mainstream.

UK bookmakers now offer opportunities for every gamester to build a betting bankroll from scratch. In such a vibrant and varied betting community it is unsurprising that the bookies offer such a miscellany of markets to spark interest in all betting tastes, and the numbers of punters plumping for markets that are outside of their normal betting selections show that the growing interest in new markets is tangible.

One way in which bookmakers open up new markets to punters is through offering specialist bets across those markets. In the United Kingdom, many bettors are already aware of the main markets in sports betting – football, horse racing, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, snooker and darts, as well as more specialist markets such as celebrity betting on TV reality shows and music, films or politics. Through their betting accounts they become aware of new markets in other countries, like American Football, Baseball and Aussie Rules Football.

When bookmakers promote these different markets, they usually do so around events in the sporting calendars relevant to that league or affiliation. For example, the Super Bowl is a sporting event that is of interest not only to American audiences but sporting enthusiasts worldwide. While the 2010 Super Bowl recorded US viewing figures of 111 million, worldwide audiences pushed that figure up by 50 percent. Many UK bookmakers seized this opportunity in what was to be one of the most aggressively advertised sporting finals in recent history.

As the UK betting public prepares for a summer of sport with the Olympics coming to London, bettors everywhere can be sure of a number of freshly promoted specials. Refunded bets for British competitors will be a favoured special amongst many bookies, but punters should monitor the news feeds of their favourite betting houses in preparation for a summer of opportunity. With 39 events over 26 different sports there will be plenty to choose from, and multiply this by the heats from opening rounds through to finals and there are plenty of chances for gamesters to get involved from start to finish. Betting on track and field events offers wider scope for outsiders to triumph, which will prove attractive to bettors and bookmakers alike.