Forget Social Casinos – Real Money Casinos Offer a Truly Free Experience

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Social casino games are on the rise. Last year they were constantly among the top 10 sought after social games, both on desktop and mobile platforms. People play them on their phones, tablets, phablets and PCs day after day. And most of them think these games are free. Well, they are - in a way - and they are not at the same time.

Social casino games are built with a sole purpose: to make money. And this in a completely unregulated environment - they are not gambling games per se, as they don't involve playing for real money. But they generate nice revenues for their operators nonetheless: last year social casinos like DoubleDown and Big Fish were among the top 10 grossing iPhone apps in the US. Their revenue is generated through two major streams: in-game advertising and in-app purchases.

Whenever you play at a social casino, and run out of coins, you are offered to top up your in-game account in exchange for a small sum. Besides, the games show you ads, which also generate revenue for the operators. According to Statista, Playtika's Slotomania generates revenues of over $200,000 a day on iPhone only, in the US. And that's quite notable for a game, right?

Let's take a look at the "practice", "demo" or "fun" mode offered by real money online casinos.

The Red Flush Casino allows its players to register an account and play through its downloadable, browser-based or mobile casino platform in "practice" mode. They don't charge a dime for this - all you need to do is register an account. Practice mode is offered by Red Flush, and other online casinos, to help players familiarize with how online gambling works. The interface, the cashier and the game variety at Red Flush is the same as in the "real thing", only free.

Whenever you run out of "demo" coins at the Red Flush casino, you can head over to the cashier and claim some more. This, again, is free - you enter the amount you want to "deposit", and you can continue playing instantly. Aside from a few reminders telling you that whatever you win will be play money, the interface doesn't bother you with anything. And even these reminders are discreet, designed not to disrupt your gaming experience.

As you can see, to play completely free casino games online, you will need to head over to a real money online casino, like the above mentioned Red Flush casino. The business model of online casinos is constructed completely differently when compared to social ones. Their revenues are generated through real money play - where people can actually win real money - and not based on ads.