Best Online Poker Tricks Ever!

You think you have it all figured out since you are a very decent Poker player? That's a good start, but you need more if you are going to play poker online.

First of all, do you know any of the differences between playing live poker and playing online? There are many, in fact.

First of all, you lack visual assistance. You might think this is trivial, but it's not. The information an average poker can get from hand gestures and facial expressions is more than half of his game.




That is one aspect of the game where live poker is superior to playing online. You can communicate with your opponents via chat rooms. However it's unlikely this will help you.

Another advantage is that you can keep track of your money as you are physically putting it down on the table. It is very different from looking at your money like a number.

Why Play Online Then?

But don't be discouraged! There are other things in the game where live poker is no match to playing online.

So what if you can't get a read on their poker face? It also means they can't figure out yours. With this in mind, you are free to get as comfortable as you please.

If you're up to it, you can even dance and eat a sandwich at the same time as playing poker. Not saying you should, it just means that it is a much more relaxing environment.

Also, there is no special term reserved online for poker players. You can always find a tournament somewhere. You can play anytime, any place.

There is a nifty trick about this. You don't have to play one game at a time! If you are good at multitasking, you can play several games at several different servers. Nobody can stop you.

Still not convinced? Well, the truth is there actually is a way to get a read on others. You don't have to look at their faces to know what they're up to.

Check the chat box for obscenities, especially from a losing player. That means their focus is off, and their winning games are numbered.

Also keep an eye for the players preselecting their decisions. You can guess the cards of a player who doesn't look at the table to make a call. Chances are, they already know that the outcome of the hand is not in their favor.