About Us

Finest Free Online Games is oriented towards providing secure and trustworthy information about websites that provide gambling services to their customers. Favored websites are those that:
  • Provide their services in English
  • Have been in bussiness for some time now and are ready to guarantee the payouts and privacy of the games
  • Are subjected to regular checks and have certified software
  • Provide their players with a 24-hour-a-day customer support, and
  • Advertise their services in an appropriate manner.
Other important factors when it comes to evaluating a website contain the number and quality of available games, payback percentage, size of prizes and the points granted to regular players. If you are a fan of gambling and wish to recommend a new casino, or share some of your experiences, contact us, we will be grateful for any information you provide. If you are a licenced representative of a casino that suits our criteria and you wish your website to be on the list of the casinos we recommend, contact us. Please respect our right as an independent organization to deny our recommendation at any time without notice.