5 Tricks That Will Keep You Safe while Playing Online Poker

Playing Poker online is an amazing pastime that has been around as long as online gambling in general. However, it's a jungle out there and it wouldn't hurt to have these five tricks to keep you and your money safe while you are playing online poker. 

Check the Casino

You hear this often, but it needs to be said over and over again. Find an online casino that has a certificate of authenticity and good traffic.

It is usually this combination that tells you whether a casino is trustworthy and playable at. Playing at a casino and winning at one shouldn't be separate things.





It is beyond necessary to check out the company that developed the software casino of your choice is using.

If it is a well known company, security breaches and insider cheating are far less likely. Big names can't risk bad publicity, so they keep their software up and running as often as possible.


Don't forget where you are and what it is you are doing. Just because you see your cash in the form of numbers does in no way mean that you should forget it's actual money.

So keep good track of your finances and don't take risks just for the sake of taking risks. There are far better ways to get an adrenaline rush that don't involve you going broke.

Don't Play More than You Can Handle

It is a well known fact that you can play more than one poker game at a time. However that doesn't mean you should.

Unless you are able to keep track of everyone's last move in every game you intend to play without getting confused, it's not a good idea to play several games.

You risk becoming an easy target for everyone involved. Play one game at a time until you are sure in your multitasking abilities.

Don't Be Indecisive

It's a tell as old as the game. I shows you are uncertain, that you are trying to buy time until you can come up with a good decision.

Don't wait too long. It could make other players think you are out of your league, and start messing with your head.

That is unless you know what you are doing. Then, by all means, take your sweet time and take them to the cleaner's.